Choose Yours

Here at FRATO, we love nothing more than an armchair that invites us to sink in, get cosy and unwind. From our CARMEL to our COMO designs, this week, we’re shining a spotlight on some of our favourite armchairs and exactly why your space needs them.

The COMO Armchair

The COMO style has a deep, curved seat that’s comforting to sink into. A curved back surrounds you like a hug and it’s spacious enough for your favourite scatter cushions. This one is best placed by a window with a side table for unwinding with a cup of coffee.


The GSTAAD Armchair

With its striking angular form, the GSTAAD Armchair commands attention. The arms don’t quite meet at the back, giving the overall look a futuristic feel. We like to see this one in an office or reception space in a setting laid out for two. 



Our much-loved BRASILIA Armchair tastefully touches on mid-century design with its angled wooden legs. The matching footstool accompanies it to create a corner of heaven in your study or lounge. 

The MARRAKESH Armchair

With its high, curved back and deep base, the MARRAKESH Armchair is a stunning design. Its small seat has enough room for a plump cushion and it’s ideal for a dining room break-out area. 


The DUBAI II  Armchair

Our DUBAI II Design is a classic with a squared form and short legs. The formal structure makes it ideal for smart settings such as offices or meeting rooms or for taking up a corner of your dressing space. 


The CAIRO Armchair

A masterclass in elegance, the CAIRO Armchair features a smoothly curved back with plump cushioning. Brushed brass offsets the soft fabric and caps off the angled legs for a sophisticated finish. This one is a real all-rounder for creating a cosy corner in any room. 


The TURIM Armchair

Meet your new reading chair. The TURIM design is a classic with a high back and low arms. The deep seat is ideal for snuggling into while you settle down to read a chapter of your book with a fresh pot of tea.