Given the outpour of love that our Copenhagen Armchair received once it was launched, our design team here at FRATO felt it was time to extend its family!
With that in mind our team of designers took on the task to create pieces that would extend this amazing collection allowing all our FRATO lovers to create a very symbiotic and put together look at their houses.

Allow us to introduce you to the members that make up the COPENHAGEN family:

As the first of its family, the Copenhagen Armchair deserves all the praise it gets! She’s a joy to look at and a delight to use! This armchair welcomes you to sit with open arms! It’s seamlessly upholstered in velvet, featuring a veneer and brushed brass finish that gives that retro-futuristic vibe to your space.
Following the armchair’s success and given that sometimes we just need a little more room or space while we’re sitting, relaxing, working or just dozing off, what better to accommodate all these needs than a chaise longue? Pretty much nothing! And that’s how our COPENHAGEN CHAISE LONGUE was born! Keeping its sister vibe, this chaise longue is as comfortable as it is unique! Maintaining its cocooning backrest and sumptuous upholstery, the laid back design invites you to put your feet up in style.
And if a two-piece family is pretty amazing, then you’re in for a treat! The third and latest addition to this family was proudly presented at Salone del Mobile 2022 and believe us, our COPENHAGEN Sofa stole the show more than once! Expertly crafted and beautifully proportioned, the COPENHAGEN Sofa will instantly add an old-world glamour to any corner.

Ideal for snugs, living rooms, bedrooms or studies, the pieces in this family are the perfect complement to each other making you able to create an impeccably balanced area with all of them!