Every home has one: an awkward or neglected corner that you’re not quite sure what to do with. It could be a tricky area in a hallway that people transition through rather than spend quality time in, or an underutilised nook in an office, lounge or bedroom that needs a little design TLC to go from feeling forgotten to cosy.

Identifying such an area, however, is the easy part – it’s knowing what to do with it that often proves most tricky. We suggest starting by asking this fundamental question: what would you like more of? It may make the greatest sense to incorporate additional storage in the form of an organisational chest of drawers or cabinet that can be beautifully accessorised with a signature lamp or light-reflecting mirror. Perhaps you’re yearning for a quiet spot where you can decompress or take in a picturesque view, in which case a comfortable seat and side table combo might do the trick.


It might be that you wish to showcase more of your personality – if so, think about the potential a bookcase offers, with multiple levels of display for much-loved ornaments, artworks and vases, as well as reading material.

Or, if space in your home is at a premium, you could maximise a corner’s potential with a slimline console and versatile stool that together could also double as a workspace or vanity unit.


The options really are manifold – that’s why we’ve combed our archives and collated a series of Pinterest-worthy images full of inspirational styling ideas into a Cosy Corners lookbook that’s free to download. We’ve even put together some moodboards, showcasing different ways you can layer designs and materials to visualise a look for a cosy corner that will complement your individual space and lifestyle.

We’d love to see the results of any mini makeovers, so if you like to share on social media please tag us using @fratointeriors so we can appreciate your new cosy corners.