We love looking back through our social media and seeing which of our images and interior design ideas have sparked our followers’ imagination – and it seems that you’re currently loving the idea of creating cosy corners at home just as much as we do! But rather than filling an empty spot just for the sake of it, the images that attracted the most likes and comments are ones that help to facilitate special moments throughout the day. Here are a few of your favourite concepts…

Like us, you love the idea of creating a dedicated dressing area in the bedroom, transforming the act of getting ready for the day ahead into a morning ritual and moment of self-care. Best of all, a dressing area is really easy to incorporate no matter how much space you have to spare – all you need is a seat, a mirror and a surface, such as a console. In fact, versatile consoles are one of your preferred ways to make the most of a corner. Perfectly suited to any space, from hallways to living rooms, you can pair one with a mirror to create a focal point or add a stool for a flexible spot that can adapt to a variety of activities, including working from home.

Equally inspiring your interior design projects are a selection of calm corners that emphasise comfort and relaxation above all else. The essential ingredient here? A cocooning seat, of course. For example, a single armchair and side table call for some quiet time spent with your chosen book or a cup of tea, while two armchairs, placed side by side, can encourage conversation and connection with friends and family in a busy world. But for the ultimate indulgence, it has to be a chaise longue-style bench, which will introduce an element of old Hollywood glamour into your life.



How exquisite!