FRATO continues to set benchmarks in the luxury interior design industry, we’re excited to delve deeper behind the scenes. This week, we’re diving into the processes and inspirations behind FRATO’s collections.

Join us as we speak to Co-Founder and Creative Director, Patrícia Santos about the design philosophy and inspirations that define our furniture and accessories. It’s time to explore the world of FRATO through the eyes of its creative leader.

What are the key elements that define FRATO's design philosophy?

At FRATO, we seek perfection – we’re constantly striving to improve upon our collections, making them more authentic, more inspiring. This is the drive that pushes each season through the creative, design and manufacturing processes and, eventually, brings our pieces to life. Above all is a curiosity, a passion for detail, as well as a perfectionist stance on quality.

How do you draw inspiration from different cultures and incorporate them into FRATO’s designs?

Travel is a huge inspiration for me and, indeed, FRATO’s collections – visiting new places and collecting elements to incorporate into designs. We gather everything from textures and materials to thematic fabric patterns into an elegant and global lifestyle concept.

How does FRATO balance traditional craftsmanship with modern design elements?

The wonderful thing about the creative process at FRATO is our ability to combine the old with the new, to create quality pieces that stand the test of time. This is all thanks to the master craftsmen we are privileged to have with us. These artisans use methods passed down between generations, expanding these skills with state-of-the-art technology and, of course, premium materials.

Can you describe the inspirations behind your latest collection?

Our latest collection gradually took form with a nod to Art Deco design amongst other themes. There’s an element of comfort and coziness running through our upholstery, while furniture focuses on organic curves. We’ve also played with textures, using premium fabrics and hints of leopard if you look close enough. Marble was also a key player in this season and we’ve used the stone in unexpected places to create pieces that are eye-catching yet timeless – just like the FRATO brand.

Looking back to the past and the present, can you highlight some of the designs that best define FRATO?

At FRATO, we’re proud to have created a number of icons that have become staples. In furniture, our SEOUL Console and MYKONOS Sideboard particularly define FRATO’s design ethos. Our COPENHAGEN Chaise Lounge is the perfect example of how we blend the old with the new, while our LAOS Floor Lamp showcases our ability to incorporate elements from far and wide to create a simple, standout everyday piece.

What are some of the biggest trends you see shaping the future of luxury interior design?

Exclusivity is the key factor shaping the luxury interior design industry right now. Unique, key pieces, crafted using well-sourced materials. As brands and consumers become more focused on sustainability, customers want to know how and from where materials have been sourced. More and more luxury interior design focuses on limited runs as well as limited geographical availability – it’s quickly becoming a big trend in the industry.