If you love a pulled-together bedroom look that’s easy on the eye, opt for a comprehensive furniture collection such as the sophisticated KENT family. Concepted as a whole, this six-piece set features pristine lines and soft curves throughout.
Crafted from a consistent palette of materials, the collection incorporates luxurious textured leather, veined wood veneer in grey and dark tones, and linear details of brushed brass.

Let us to introduce you to each member of the KENT family:


An elongated version of the bedside table, the elegant KENT tallboy stands at 140 centimetres and generously incorporates four suede-lined, handle-free drawers.

Chest of Drawers

Introducing a point of difference within the family’s systems of storage, the well-appointed KENT chest of drawers swaps veneer for a luxurious leather frontage.


Complementing the chest of drawers, the two-drawer KENT desk is also finished in grey-toned leather and designed to be used as an at-home workstation or as a dressing table.

Bed & Bedside Table

The absolute star of the show, the inviting KENT bed features a neat platform base that merges seamlessly with a distinctive winged headboard that envelops you in restful slumber.
A gently curved cube, the sleek KENT bedside table features two suede-lined, handle-free drawers impactfully outlined in dark wood veneer and brushed brass.