Make a Statement

During the hazy summer months when the light and warm air seep into our homes, we begin to see our space in a new way. We’re drawn to open windows, lofty rooms and colours that refresh our senses. This villa is a sophisticated example of getting summer styling just right.

Wondering how to turn a simple piece into a statement piece? It’s all in the pattern, texture and colours you choose. This week we’re taking a closer look at simple ways to bring your space to life.


If your armchair or sofa feels like it’s missing something, try playing with textured scatter cushions and throws. Mis-matched fabrics like rich velvet, soft linen and satin make for an eclectic finish. If you prefer a symmetrical theme, choose textured, woven fabrics that match.

When it comes to colours, earthy hues – think terracotta, sage and marigold – bring a sense of warmth to cold environments. Add these with soft furnishings of carefully chosen pieces of pottery. For a more vibrant look, try choosing two or three bright, contrasting shades and adding them sparsely in art prints or accessories.


Another way to add a statement finish to your room is via patterns. If you adore an elegant retro vibe, look to geometric classics like chevrons and diamonds. When combining patterns, stick to soft shades like pastels and neutrals. For a more decadent appeal, try florals in deep jewel colours.


All of our designs can be completely personalised to suit your taste, so you can make use of our textured or patterned finishes to achieve your desired look.