Versatility at the Core

Versatility is at the core of every new piece we design and develop. We like to believe that you should be the one to pick and choose where you want to fit your FRATO pieces within your home! That’s what makes your home truly you. We’re just here to offer you endless possibilities!
With that in mind, this week we’ll be telling you all about three of our brand new side table designs. From conception to reality, these side tables were thought-out to be able to fit in every corner of your home, from a living area, to a bedroom or even a little reading corner. Side tables come in handy in a multitude of areas & they offer that extra je ne sais quoi wherever you put it.

This week's picks were the Olympia, Antwerp & Key West Side Tables. The brand new OLYMPIA is as pretty as they come. Named after the UNESCO World Heritage site, the OLYMPIA side table is reminiscent of the temple columns prominent in Ancient Greek architecture. Its neutral color palette makes it the perfect addition to any and every corner!
Secondly, our ANTWERP side tables are the new addition to its family, making it the perfect piece to mix and match along with its coffee table sister allowing you to create the perfect centerpiece for your living or even office meeting area. Versatility at its finest, right?
This week's last pick is none other than, our KEY WEST side table. This one might be one of our favorite new additions to the collection. She’s the perfect fit for a cozy reading corner or that armchair within your walk in closet! It cleverly incorporates a nook for storing books or magazines. Crafted from a timeless blend of stone, veneer and brushed brass, the KEY WEST side table it's just another amazing addition to your side table collections and eventually, to your own home.